Migraine Hat – Wearable Ice Hat To Reduce Migraine Headache Pain

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  • Quick cooling and soothing relief
  • Adjustable one size fits all
  • Hands-Free – use at home, work, in car
  • Cryo-Gel Packs stay cold up to 4 hours
  • Pull over eyes and ears to block light & sound
  • Adjust tight or loose to target pressure points

The Migraine Hat is an ingenious new product for people who suffer from the debilitating pain of migraine. Ice and compression have long been known to bring soothing relief to migraine pain, and the clever design actually looks like a real wrap or hat! The Migraine Hat can get the sufferer out of a dark room, lying on a dripping ice pack or cold compress and back into the world engaging with family, friends, and work. The clever design, comfy fabric, and light weight makes it ideal. Comes with two ice packs to switch off so you can use the hat continuously.
Made with neoprene and Cryo-Gel packs, the Migraine Hat provides the coolness and compression needed to soothe acute migraines. Its built-in ice packs stay cold for up to four hours and its construction allows wearers to adjust it to their head size and desired compression level. The hat can also be pulled down to block aggravating lights and sounds.

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