(Small) Wooden Chopping Board/Hang-able Cutting Board 1pcs

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Weight: 600 g 

Size: 30*20 cm

Material: Bamboo

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Wooden Bamboo Board/ Cutting Board Tool Bamboo Rectangle Hang-able Cutting Board Durable Non-slip Kitchen Accessories Chopping Board 1pcs (small)


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Bamboo cutting boards are an alternative to plastic or glass cutting boards, partially because bamboo is commonly thought to be naturally antimicrobial (although studies show otherwise[4]). During the harvesting process, bamboo is carefully chosen for maturation, markings, and size. The stalk is then cut into specific sizes and sent through a pressing process that strips the stalks into smaller plank-like pieces. Once the bamboo is pliable, a cutting board can be produced from multiple pieces by lamination.

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